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Foil-Stamped Rosh Hashanah & Jewish New Year Cards

Foil-stamped Jewish New Year Cards feature a time-honored printing method for displaying your good wishes and provides shiny and matte accents to the card.

The foil-stamping process involves making a metal die with the reverse image of the imprint impression.  The heated metal die presses against a strip of foil to adhere it to the card stock.  Foil typically comes on large rolls in matte, shiny, or holographic finishes.

Convey your sincere wishes for Rosh Hashanah by selecting a foil-stamped Jewish New Year card that speaks from your heart.  Many cards allow the option to write your own sentiment (verse) instead of using the one shown on the sample.  Whether your message is for peace, good health, or prosperity, a stylish card from will be admired by those who receive it!

Many of our cards provide the ability to change colors, lettering styles, and even your sentiment. Instant previews for most of our Jewish New Year cards allow you to create your card before your very eyes! Check back often for new styles.

We understand that ordering personalized cards online can be a daunting task. When you order from, you will work with an experienced and friendly professional who will provide assistance every step of the way. We’ve been assisting clients for more than 21 years, and would be honored to work with you!

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