The Holiday Card Everyone Can Love!

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These days, it seems difficult to find the holiday card everyone can love! Maybe you operate a business and prefer to project a secular image, but don’t want to mail out another all-purpose Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings Card. Or the friends and family on your mailing list include people who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwaanza. How can you find one card that everyone can love?

The answer is simple – Thanksgiving Cards! Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, one that has not yet lost its meaning in a sea of commercialism and that is still widely embraced with warmth and nostalgia by all. The mere mention of Thanksgiving conjures thoughts of family time, comfort foods and, well, one of America’s favorite pastimes, shopping! (And if you represent a business, this is reason #1 to put your name in front of your consumers at this time!) It also conveniently falls close enough to all those other holidays as to allow an easy transition from sending out the traditional Holiday Card to sending out beautiful and unexpected Thanksgiving Cards.

Colors of Autumn Wreath Thanksgiving Card

Colors of Autumn Wreath Thanksgiving Card

There is evidence to suggest that in recent years Thanksgiving Cards have gained in popularity against traditional December holiday cards and the market is responding with multitudes of beautiful new offerings featuring rich autumn colors, delightful textures and touches of warm gold and copper foils. With all the options, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect Thanksgiving Card to express your sentiments.

More Reasons to Love Thanksgiving Cards

Sending out Thanksgiving Cards assures yours is among the first to be received. Consumers and friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness. And targeting the Thanksgiving holiday also means your cards are done and in the mail before the big holiday rush sets in, thus leaving you with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve taken care of an important task and are now free to go about the business of preparing for the holidays in other ways.

With all the advantages of sending Thanksgiving Cards, it’s easy to see why they’re becoming more and more popular, with industry leaders estimating 17 million Thanksgiving Cards mailed last year.  Order now and take advantage of the special promotion for Free Printed Return Address on your envelope flaps available through October 31st!

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